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Established in the year 1953 STEWOLS INDIA (P) LTD has been focussing of high quality steel fibres for the reinforcement of concrete. Our brand SHAKTIMAN® Steel Fibres is made as per ASTM-A820 specifications and was the stepping stone of our success in the Indian markets. From Hydel Power Projects, Tunnels, Roads, Bridges, Factory Floorings to exports we supplied both in private and government sectors giving us a wide range of experience.

A family owned business based out of Nagpur each brick and mortar was carefully assembled towards making of the company which now spans to two factories in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Our reputation has carried over to Steel wool and Steel wool Fibres, Steel wool Powder, Chopped Steel wool in India as one of the few quality manufactures in the county. We aspire each day to add quality and competitiveness to our products

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